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created originally at TetraDyn


NomadEyes is about People and Communities
NomadEyes is about Making Life Safer
through Greater Shared Awareness

We are focused now, for public projects, on Youth and Families.

Engaging children of many ages and levels of schooling and experience, and their families as well, in "STEMA" (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics-Arts) projects of the sort that can be entered into collaborative competitions like the Intel Science Fair, the siemens-Westinghouse Science Fair, X Prize Challenges, and many other venues that are local, state, national and international.

Doing what?

The horizons are open, the sky's the limit, the ocean depth is bottomless when it comes to what we collectively need and where NomadEyes and our technologies fit in.

  • Improved ways to activate residents everywhere to be more alert about what is going on that might cause a problem of the sorts we are trying to prevent - natural, accidental, or intentional, but especially related to terrorism and violence
  • Smarter approaches to public CBRNE sensing, detection, monitoring, analysis
  • Better eways to filter out the "noise" and deliberate misinformation and disinformation
  • Better ways to reach people who might be inclined to violence or terrorism of any form against anyone including not only the general public but their families or themselves
  • More effective algorithms and coding than even what we use, and we think our stuff is pretty sharp!
  • More effective ways to enlist sponsors, patrons, partners, benefactors, and clients
  • Better ways to reach segments of the population that are often unreached or forgotten during times of emergencies
  • Better ways to get cooperation rather than competition from some people and organizations in both the public and private sectors
  • Simpley, better "STEMA" that attracts peoples' interests, educates kids, and helps us all to have a safer and more secure society without some of the undesirable "trade-offs" - which never really work, by the way!

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