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created originally at TetraDyn


NomadEyes not what it was from 2003 - 2012 even though its focus is even more so about security, safety, emergency protection, and response.

However, in order to engage more people, properly, effectively, and accurately, and to avoid the problems that have ensued from various attempts at "homeland security crowdsourcing" (e.g., Reddit, Twitter, Facebook), we are introducing new facets including intelligent and personalized "attractors". NomadEyes is not only about serious or dangerous news and information, but it will now offer some things that can serve "general purpose" and "daily living" activities - all with a singular focus on helping us as people, as communities, as towns and cities and nations, to be safer, more stable, less stressed, and less endangered.

There are, technically speaking, more than a few "New Things" that have been quite under wraps for the past two years while we completed some rather delicate and difficult algorithm development and public testing.

However, because of the increased emergence of teorrism and sociopathic violence, ranging from "Lone Wolf" terrorists to organized groups, both domestic and foreign-based, and including many cases of severely mentally ill individuals enacting acts of mass violence including the use of WMD (weapons of mass destruction), we at NomadEyes are faced with an uncomon dilemma but a simple decision.

At the risk of seeming to be "closed" with respect to disclosure of technologies employed within our system, we can no longer provide openly any details about how Nomadeyes works or upon what technical foundations it rests.

If you want to be a member of the worldwide network as an individual/family, as an organization (private-sector or public-sector), then please contact us. We are seeking sponsors and investors, true. We are not willing to put our neighbors and communities at risk by sharing the information we collect and produce with anyone whom we determine to be unsafe or unsound.

Especially given the events of the past few months (Newtown CT in 12/2012, Boston MA in 04/2013), we are now in a period of Revision with respect to how NomadEyes is being deployed and used. While the technology is not undergoing significant upgrades, the entire service and its marketing including signup and registration is being heavily revised at present. Currrently we are preparing an entirely new website and under interface portal that we hope to have ready by July, 2013.

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