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NomadEyes Explained in Less than 500 Words

NomadEyes is a global resource that collects and analyzes data contributed by many sources, and it produces alerts, warnings, forecasts, and notifications.

We collect data about potential serious threats due to unforeseen, undetected situations which could involve people, organizations, and also natural conditions.

These potential threats could be natural, accidental or intentional, and they could involve violence and terrorism, or they could be of a less violent nature but still potentially a serious risk to people, communities, businesses, social structures.

We are a private organization, not a government agency, but we share our findings with appropriate public as well as private organizations.

We are not like the commonplace, familiar social networks and media, and we massively filter what we receive. Our sources can include virtually anybody, anywhere on Earth.

NomadEyes is free and easy for someone to use for contributing an "information lead" 0 we accept email, texting, voice, images, video, and also selective data protocols for chemical, biological, radiation sensor outputs.

We contract with companies and institutions, for-profit, non-profit, and public agencies, worldwide, in order to provide them with pertinent and useful information that also can include extensive and deep analytical reports and forecasts.

We operate with a team of human experts, a veritable army of "AI" software agents known as "binars", and a number of very, very powerful server clusters that are distributed worldwide.

We are For Real. We do some things better than other people and agencies, and we aim to work with all persons and organizations that are truly intent on making our world safer, more stable, more sustained, and more free of stress, worry and suffering.

Our "magic" is in our algorithms and code AND in our people. We are not a "magic pill" nor a "magic box" nor are any of us "magicians."

We are simply professionals from many disciplines working together to do things as best as possible and to "close gaps" and "connect dots" where things need being done,. recognizing that everyone else out there, especially in the public sector, cannot "be everywhere at all times" and that all too often bureaucracy and red tape get in the way.

We do not profess to supplant or replace other channels of information analysis but we believe that we extend and complete what has been available before us and that we do so in a very efficient and accurate manner.

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