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created originally at TetraDyn


NomadEyes is a spin-off and diverstiture from TetraDyn Ltd. The project and product was formed with a dedicated purpose - the rapid delivery and deployment of a network of communication and intelligence for the defense and security of people and infrastructures against a variety of dangers from both intentional terrorist and criminal actions and also events that may be of equal or worse effect but of accidental or natural origin.

NomadEyes is a US company that is owned presently by its employees and with fiduciary and equity interests by TetraDyn Ltd. and ECOADUNA Foundation, a non-profit research and public service organization. All management, including financial and information security, is strictly controlled due to the nature of the firm and its information resources.

While at a first, cursory glance there may appear to be similar products and services, a closer examination shows that the differences are significant. Nomad Eyes is not a piece of software or hardware for sale or licensing to a customer. Rather, it is a very large database and resource of tools for autonomous and supervised analysis of the data and a sharing system for making our assessments and predictions available very rapidly to relevant subscribers.

Nomad Eyes aims to reduce incidents that cost lives and cause injuries and pains to people, and losses also in a material and financial way to communities and businesses. We are successful only if we come up with useful data, not noise, not false positives, nor false negatives. And our information is useful only if it helps to prevent things that are preventable or to reduce the impact of those that are inevitable. We are neither a "crystal ball" nor a "magic pill" - we are simple a smart network of people and machines working together to make the world safer and more habitable for people who do not believe in violence, terror, or carelessness.

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