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APRIL, 2013

The events we face now, with respect to major "ECP" Trauma in terms of national and homeland security, environmental instability, public health including multiple infectious disease outbreaks, and the ever-present, increasing incidence of terrorist and other sociopathic violence, mandate the careful use and deployment of civilian, private-sector networks and applications using NomadEyes architecture, logic, software and sensors, with objective, diligent and responsive management of information that can prevent disasters and sustain peace and stability in our society.

Of timely significance and thus at the center of our attention:

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Public Health, Infectious Disease, Pandemics
Education, Research, Preparation
Student and Community Projects
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Nomad Eyes is about Civilians and Residents Being Response-Able for their Community Safety and Security

It is as much about responding to hurricanes, floods and industrial accidents, or gang warfare, or child molestation and kidnapping, as it is about preventing domestic violence and terrorism of any and all forms.
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NomadEyes is a private U.S. company providing and managing the NomadEyes network worldwide.
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